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Outdoor Wildlife Leadership School(OWLS)


“I always enjoy the sessions you guys sponsor…I am very excited about the new school year!”

“I caught my first fish!”

That is what the OWLS program is all about, learning about wildlife conservation and taking it all back to the classroom. Nineteen educators from around the state participated in the OWLS program this year. All participants received intense wildlife management instruction as they participate in numerous hands on activities. Spending time with professional DNR staff throughout the week is one of the best things about the workshop. The OWLS program was held all week at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center and is a workshop focused on wildlife conservation for K-12 educators. Participants spend five days immersed in Georgia wildlife education via hands-on activities and day trips to Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, canoeing in Bond Swamp, and exploring bogs at Ohoopee Dunes.


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